Tuesday, November 29, 2011

FINALLY making a little progress!!

SO... I have been totally MIA for over a week now. My apologies. If it is any excuse, this is how my week went:

Monday: Day job, evening job
Tuesday: Day job, house cleaning
Wednesday: Day job, shopping (I needed a bit of me time!!)
Thursday: Day job, evening job
Friday: Day job, evening job (last shift, woo hoo!)
Saturday: Gramma's birthday party :)
Monday: Day job, night off with my man (which translates into grocery shopping and house cleaning, how romantic!)
Tuesday: Day job, some painting, movies night with Keets, and now FINALLY getting online :)

As you can see, I have been busy. The rest of this week is pretty busy too but I should hopefully get some painting in and have some progress to show you by the end of the week. Anyway I just wanted to give a quick update and let everyone know that I haven't given up blogging already, I am just not very good at keeping at it :P

So Sunday night I did some work on a painting for a lady named Sylvonne who recently lost one of her cats and wanted a portrait done of the two of them as kittens. Here is my progress so far (hoping to get this done by the end of the week, tomorrow night will be devoted to another project, which I will tell you about tomorrow!)

Please note that the background colour did not actually change THAT drastically, but I guess the lighting did!!! Also, the first picture is so TERRIBLE because it was taken with my iPhone, EEK, now I don't feel so bad about how deathly pale I look whenever people take pictures of me with their cellphones!

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  1. good job Kath....I like your list :P I called in sick to work yesterday. I can't imagine doing two jobs! glad you're done