Sunday, November 20, 2011

Introducing my future studio home :)

Hey guys,

So I haven’t gotten much painting done (or any at all) this weekend so I don't have any super exciting progress photos for you. But I DID stop by the farm yesterday and snap a few shots to introduce you to my future studio home :) So, without further ado, I would like the formally introduce you to STONEHILL FARM (now my studio name makes more sense, eh?).

I apologize in advance for how unglamorous these photos are, it was completely overcast when I took these pictures and it doesn’t do the farm any justice whatsoever. Also keep in mind that the landscaping has not been fully completed yet, either :P

First I would like to intoduce you to Nikita (a.k.a. Keets) who runs the farm and whom I also consider to be one of my very bestest friends, although after she sees this picture, said relationship might be facing a bit of a rough patch. In her defence, she had been mucking stalls all day while also recovering from the flu. I'd say given the circumstances she looks pretty damn good!! (Please don't hurt me Keets)

This is the exterior of the new barn that was just built on the property. This also happens to be the building that will house my studio space.

I get this cute room above the barn section. Its got a room off of one end for storage, a charming little balcony overlooking the manure machines... I mean gorgeous horses... (really, I do think they are lovely) and a wall of windows to provide some natural lighting. I think it's a pretty sweet setup. We'll see how my opinion changes after spending a few mid-winter days up there.

And last, but not least, the farmhouse - whose walls, I'm sure, will provide shelter after a few 20-hour-paint-marathons.

I also stopped by the annual Art and Craft show held at E.C. Drury this weekend and saw Brenda Gibson who does beautiful stained glass work, has mad photography skills (and has also done enough travelling to make me insanely jealous), and stamps and sells really lovely cards. If any of those things interest you, you should check out her site!!


  1. What a nice set up you have. Your friend is lovely - flu or not, and your work of the horses is wonderful!

  2. Thanks guys :) I have been working two jobs and haven't had much free time but will be back on here soon! I will hopefully work my way through at least one painting this week (still a bit hectic but should be more manageable by next week!) and would really like to have some updates for you! Thanks for reading!