Sunday, November 13, 2011

My very first blog post (EVER!)

So, on top of my website, and facebook page, I have decided to start a blog to track my progress as I make my (hopefully successful!) entrance into the art world. For those of you who don’t know me, here is a little introduction:

I have been interested in art in general since as far back as I can remember. My mom even loves to talk about my sister and I smearing the walls with the contents of our diapers as toddlers. Perhaps that was my first foray into artistic expression... perhaps I was just smearing poop on a wall, who can say for sure? I assure you, my methods these days are much more civilised than in my infant years.

The majority of my paintings these days are created in the realist style, mainly using oils. I have dabbled in other styles in the past but find realism to be my preferred style. I work mainly from photographs, although I do plan on re-entering the art-from-life world soon as I am planning, in the New Year, to leave my day job, move into studio space, and devote my full attention to the creative process. I will also be attending some life drawing courses in order to blow the dust off of my old charcoals and get my drawing groove back. I am beginning this blog with the intention of allowing those who might be interested to track my progress and accompany on this journey! For those of you who don’t enjoy reading long drawn out blog entries, DON’T PANIC, I’m not here to torture you; in all probability this will be one of few lengthy blog posts. Mainly I plan on posting scans or photos of current works in progress, sketches and maybe some photography. I’m not here to bore you, just to share my work and enthusiasm for art!

Anyway, here is a taste of my work (last year) in the form of progress pictures of a greyscale I did of a friend’s son :)

Lately I have not been in the habit of documenting my painting process but I think I will start again if only for the purpose of entertaining you all in my blog posts! Isn’t that thrilling?!?... Come on guys, more enthusiasm, we are talking edge of your seat entertainment here! :P


  1. I'm excited :D YAY! and it's my son...even better :) lol

  2. You're very gifted. These examples are amazing. I look forward seeing more of your art.