Wednesday, November 16, 2011

One down...

Hi guys, I'm back, AND I have the night off! I'll keep this short a sweet. I just wanted to thank those who have shown interest in my blog :) I promise it will get more interesting in the (hopefully near) future. I have recently given my notice at a part time job that I have been working at on top of my day job, the reason I haven't had much time to paint for the last bit, and I will make some more progress as soon as I can!!

Anyway, I took advantage of my free time tonight to get some work done and I managed to finish a set of horse portraits (the same horse for two separate people) that I have been slowly working my way through and completed the background of the next painting on my list. So here is a picture of the finished horse portraits, better quality pictures will be posted on my website and facebook once they have fully dried and been varnished.

I also thought I would throw in these photos just because I thought they were cute :) and I am definitely destined to be one of those crazy cat ladies (if I'm not already and just haven't caught on yet)! I caught one of our (two) little guys hiding between our shower curtains the other day and thought it made a cool picture.

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