Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Palobo Bird Houses

Hey guys,

So tonight I spent a few hours making this sign for my uncle Paul who lives up in Cargill (North of Walkerton).

He has recently revealed an interest in making birdhouses and has decided to try and turn his hobby into some extra cash. I would LOVE to show you some pictures of his beautiful houses, but I could only find this one! And its not the greatest example is it??

Maybe he will send me some and I will share them in another post.

In other news, I will be staying at my brother's place for the next couple of days but I am bringing my paints and that cat painting I am working on along with me and will hopefully be able to finish it so that I can get a start on the next project this weekend!
I also offically registered and payed for life drawing classes (starting January 12th) this afternoon, so expect WAY more exciting posts and much faster progress once that starts. :) I cannot wait to be in the studio and able to do this full time, I am counting the days!


  1. Amazing work Kathryn, I love it!


  2. Thanks Paul :) I will have my camera with me at New Years to get some pictures of your finished products!