Saturday, December 3, 2011

This is just a filler post

So I have some bad news. I had planned on spending all afternoon yesterday painting and possibly this afternoon as well after returning home from my stay at my brother's place this week. Alas, after undergoing a routine procedure (at least it's routine in my family!) at the hospital yesterday morning, I discovered that I had severely underestimated the effect of the anaesthetic that was used and the rest of the day was basically a complete write-off for me! So, no painting took place yesterday. Then, I got home today, took one look around and knew that this evening would be spent cleaning. Once again, I am behind on my painting schedule! I can't wait to

a)Be back into a normal routine (no more hectic weeks for me at least until Christmas)


b)Leave my job and have all the time in the world to catch up with my painting!! (at least until my savings run out ) :P

For now I will just have to placate you all with another series of progress pictures from a previous painting.

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