Monday, January 16, 2012

Charlie :)

I spent a night at the farm this weekend and brought my camera in the hopes of being greeted by a glorious sunrise in the morning. I am up super early during the week, but am inside at work before the sun even considers making an appearance. Unfortunately, this is what greeted me after I waited outside in the near dark the next morning.

I did get the privilege of spending the night with a fantastic little man while I was there though. Nikita gifted a German Pointer puppy to Chris this Christmas and his name is Charlie :) (yes, it must always be follwed by a smiley face). He spent the night on the couch with me and we had the most magnificent snuggle you could possibly imagine.
In the morning before the others made an appearance, Charlie and I had a little photo shoot (well, I shoved my camera in Charlie's face while he tried to ignore me and keep sleeping). I just thought I would show you guys some of the pictures and introduce him to everyone! He is a total glutton for attention so I don't think he would mind.

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  1. OMG I love German short-haired pointers. My old landlord had one that was a trained hunting dog named, so appropriately, Tracer! lol

    SO dang cute!!!!!