Saturday, January 7, 2012

New year, fresh start :)

So I have not logged on in a while, things were VERY busy this holiday season. I have some updates though :)

  1. I FINALLY gave my notice at work just after Christmas, although I was extemely generous and gave them a whole month to replace me (I have been wanting to do this just about every single day for the last 6 months)
  2. I visited the studio this week (I know I was supposed to be moved in by now but things had to be moved back on my end until February 1st) and it is move in ready and the barn is just about completely full of boarding horses now, YAY good news for both myself and Keets
  3. I am signed up for a figure drawing course starting this Thursday and bought all of my supplies today, totally pumped for that. Then I will definitely have more regular progress updates! (I also managed to spend twice as much on myself as I did on the class supplies)
  4. This one has nothing at all to do with art but; I went to the gym for the first time in years (eek) yesterday and LOVED it, so glad my man went behind my back and signed us up for that :) This also, I am totally pumped for.

Since other priorities have kept me occupied the last month or so I don't have any more finished pieces to show off, so I thought I would throw up some pictures from my New Years weekend in Sauble. I went up with my two brothers, my sister and her boyfriend, and my Dad (who was visiting from St. John, NB) and took a bunch of pictures one day when we went for a walk on the (very cold) beach. Enjoy.


  1. love the pics...that last one is frame worthy! I want it ;) So happy for you Kath! and YAY gym!!!! I can't wait till we can run a race together xoxox

  2. Thanks Ali :) I'm pumped too, I was thinking I might like to race eventually. And I absolutely cannot wait to be finished at my job and able to just do art, it's hard to find time for it right now and I am getting behind.

    That picture is my favorite too. I am pretty happy with the way they turned out, I was sceptical since it was such a blah day out :) it was a good new years though, hope you had a good time too!

    1. had a great day! and I feel like we need to hang out soon!

  3. I love your snow photos. I agree the last one is extra special!

  4. That's the beach!? brrr...Nice pics tho!

  5. Haha yeah, not exactly sun bathing weather. Thanks guys :)

  6. Even in the cold - the beach looks so relaxing.