Sunday, February 19, 2012

Flying animals.. and having the leisure time to spend with them!

I took a weekend off. Which is not unusual at all, I have certainly been taking advantage of my leisure time since leaving my job. I think it's about time I get myself onto a serious schedule, but I took this LONG weekend off from the studio... the serious schedule starts tomorrow....

My sister and I headed to Cambridge for a night to spend some time with our cousin Taylor who leaves in a couple of weeks to work in Kenya for a month. He got a new camera for the occasion and we decided to try it out so we went on a hike to see what we could find. It was pretty uneventful (except Tay took a nice spill, the path was pretty much pure ice! How's the hip Tay?) but we did get to take some pictures of some chickadees.

I also got this picture of one of Tay's parent's dogs, Beau, who is getting older and arthritic but just wont stop jumping around. This is him bouncing around waiting for my sister to throw his stick for him. He is NUTS.

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