Thursday, February 16, 2012

Just your friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man

I worked at the studio for 9 and a half hours yesterday, needless to say by the end of it all I wanted to do was get the HELL out of there! But I did make some great progress. I finished a 4 ft by 3 ft acrylic Spider-Man painting for my little cousin Gabe and started a new horse painting.

I also got the great news on Tuesday that I have been accepted into my first ever art and craft show. I will be at the Huttonville Craft and Antique Show on March 31st and April 1st. Yay :). it's starting small but at least it's something! I sent my show applications in so long ago with no reply that I had just about given up on being accepted. I only applied to two shows so far this year (Huttonville being the smaller one) just to test the waters. I have A LOT of work to get done before then!!

The detail photos for this painting were taken from my phone because for some reason I could not get the differences in the silver threads to show up well on my camera. Sorry if they are poor quality.

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