Saturday, February 18, 2012

Life drawing session #6

This week in class we did not do very many warm up drawings so there isn't much to show. We started with a portrait, which I thought ended up looking like Mr. Miyagi but everyone in my class seemed to love it. I am very happy with the final drawing I did though (if only I had finished his hands and feet!) :)


  1. I love looking at these b/c I always think (wow, those are some interesting poses and imagine those individuals just sitting or standing there) GREAT JOB love the first and last! what a character!

    1. Thanks Ali, I was feeling down about my skills but my classmates response to my work this week really lifted my spirits. I am also really happy with the last drawing I did.

      I dont know how nude models do it, I would feel totally self conscious doing that, people are STUDYING their bodies in a VERY well-lit atmosphere. Every little flaw is out there for everyone to see!