Sunday, February 12, 2012

Metal Meltdown - A tribute to Chris "Fattboy" Meyer

Last night I spent the evening at a metal show staged in memory of Chris "Fattboy" Meyer, a friend of Ryan's who was killed in a car crash on December 20, 2010. All proceeds from the show went towards to Music Therapy Program at Sick Kids hospital. The show featured the bands Old Cities Burn, The Resurrection, and dCfour. The Resurrection is a combination of Chris's old band mates and his friends who teamed up to keep his music alive. It was a pretty awesome night!

Here are some pictures from the show (mostly of dCfour....) and the portrait I painted as a gift to Chris's family.

Curtis on bass for The Resurrection

Mike singing for The Resurrection

Ryan B. on drums for dCfour

Colin on guitar for dCfour

My Ryan on bass for dCfour :)

Jordan on vocals for dCfour

Alison from Running with Spatulas and I enjoying watching
our boys rock out!!

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