Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Good Old Buddinski (as my Dad would say)

Last week I finished a painting for my cousin Taylor. His dog, Buddy, passed away a while ago and my Aunt Donna and I had thought it would be nice for him to have a painting of him.

Buddy's proper name was Buster and I think one of my favorite stories about him was when we were quite young and my Aunt Anna married into the family and came over from Poland. She didn't have a full understanding of the English language yet and when we were at Donna and Derrick's place everyone would be calling the dog over to play with him. Anna would get a puzzled look on her face when she heard it and it turned out that she he could not understand why everyone was being so mean to the dog. Finally she asked someone "Why does everyone keep calling the dog Bastard?!?"

It's a true story, I swear!!! :D

Anyway, here are the progress pictures. I couldn't geta really clear show of the final product for some reason! :(

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