Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The official launch of Jay Jay Bean's modelling career

In my spare time recently I have slowly been working on a portrait of my cat, Jay. I always say he is so beautiful he could be a model, my sister even calls him Cindy (after Cindy Crawford) because of his "beauty mark".

I can't imagine a more relaxing position, can you?

Anyway,  his portrait is finally finished so I wanted to share the progress pictures:

Obviously the lighting changed a couple times during the process. The lighting in the final product photo shows the actual colours pretty well.

Now that I have finished Jay's portrait, Ryan claims his little brother Titus Pullo (a.k.a. Tighty Whitey - and yes he was named after the character from Rome) needs one as well so you will probably see one of them in the future.

He's a special little guy :P 


  1. Is titus winking?!! I love it. I love him in the bowl too....and I like JJ too!

    1. Thanks Ali, yeah Titus is a weirdo haha. His new thing is sitting in the kitchen sink and licking the faucet.. its weird.