Monday, April 9, 2012

Re: RWS Cats V Dogs

Hey guys,

So this is a completely random post that has NOTHING to do with the studio at all. Last week my friend Ali over at Running with Spatulas questioned readers in a post regarding their preference, cats or dogs. I thought just for fun I would reply with my own post and (Ali's favorite) a photo reel :P

If you know me you know that I absolutely LOVE my little monkeys and I would not trade them for the world:

But every time I meet another sweet one of THESE...

...I fall madly in love and dreams of owning a home with a yard and space to adopt one of my own fill my head. I just love dogs! If I go to a social event where a friendly dog is present, chances are I am going to be spending my time with the pooch rather than socialising with the people. 

The same goes for friendly cats though, so its a tough call. I don't think you could call me a cat person or a dog person, its not one or the other, its both, I can't get enough of either!

Dogs are definitely more selfless than cats. My Boo-Bear was all about ME, he was completely obsessed (but I was just as enamoured with him, I guess it was true love :) ). And Coby follows Nikita around like... well a puppy. I suppose that's where that saying comes from eh? But I still love both equally.

What about you?

Oh and Ali, I'm with Logan, that Meow Mix commercial ROCKS!

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