Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A visit to Guelph Correctional Facility

Last week my parents were visiting from New Brunswick and I had a very busy schedule and did not find time for updates but I am going to share a few of  the excursions with you this week. The first being a visit to the former Guelph Correctional Facility, now a tourist attraction (although there are no tours?) and part-time correctional training facility.

My mom and I headed over to Guelph to see my brother last Wednesday and after taking a walk along the river at York Road Park we headed over to the old jailhouse. It was pretty cool if you are into that kind of thing, although we were not allowed to walk around among the actual buildings, only along the outside of the fence (boouurns!!). Here are some photos from our day:

On our way home my Mom and I stopped at Burns Lake, one of my old childhood haunts. We couldn't stay long because there were evening plans as well and we needed to get back to Burlington but I would have loved to just hang out a while!!


  1. What the heck....I can't believe you posted the womanly flower pictures.....those were between me and you!!! haha

    But seriously, you are a great photographer sis....you'll have to give me some tips.
    I loved having you guys up here....come visit soon!

    1. I thought I was doing you a favour! The ladies love a man who is in touch with his feminine side ;)

      Asking me for tips after giving me crap all day about lagging behind?! :P

      Your grad pics are going to be published tomorrow.