Wednesday, July 11, 2012

DIY Wednesday: Rock Candy

So this one is a throw back to my childhood. I LOVED rock candy sticks when I was a kid. LOVED THEM. They are so pretty looking and I am a total sugar addict so when I stumbled across some how to posts about making them in your home I had to give it a go!

I used:
wooden skewers
500 mL mason jars
1 (2 kg) bag of sugar
icing colour (or food colour)

The first thing you do is wet your skewers and roll them in sugar, leave them to harden at least overnight.

Once the skewers are ready heat water and sugar in 1:1 ratio until sugar is disolved. Leave the mixture on the heat and keep adding sugar until no more dissolves, it will be between a 2:1 and 3:1 ratio. (I made the mistake of having about 3 cups of sugar left in my bag so I just dumped it all in and that was probably 2 cups too much!!! I had a lot of hardened sugar at the bottom of my jars in the end. I ended up using a 3 cups of water and 10 cups of sugar, probably 8 cups of sugar would have been ideal.)

Pour the sugar/water mixture into the mason jars

Colour the water with food colouring and add the skewers making sure
they dont touch the bottom (I cut cardboard to replace the lids on
the jars and stuck the skewers through holes, I also added
extra holes to allow for evaporation)

Remove skewers and allow excess liquid to drip off or dry.

Aren't they pretty?

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