Monday, September 3, 2012

Where's the dessert? And my first time at The Ex :)

For the third week in a row I have no dessert post! Here's what happened...

On Friday August 17th, we made rice pudding - it was terrible. Here's what it looked like in the book vs. what it looked like when I took it out of the pan:

What went wrong? I don't know. I had hoped that it would taste good anyway so I tried some. I don't know if I have ever turned dessert away before but there is a first for everything!! Not going to be sharing THAT recipe!!

Then on the 24th Ryan and I were up at the cottage with some friends and we had a huge meal and quite simply no one wanted to make dessert. Although the next day Ali did make these delicious quinoa macaroons :) YUM

This past Friday, Chris, Nikita and I went to The Ex in Toronto (my first time EVER) and the plan was to get dessert there and blog about that... we did get some of Tiny Toms delicious donuts (apple cinnamon flavour) and they were scrumptious but what I had really planned on getting was a deep fried mars bar or something equally as bad for you and I just couldn't make myself eat something that unhealthy! Maybe next year?

Chris on the other hand not only had a deep fried mars bar, he had a Bacon Wrapped Deep Fried Mars Bar. Then he went off and got a giant bacon cheeseburger.... Yup. I, on the other hand, just had a vegetarian pita from a Greek booth with a side of rice. Whose heart will give out first? Only time will tell...

"I got 99 problems, but my bacon ain't one"
I had a blast at the Ex with Keets and Chris (thanks again guys!). We hit up the shopping building first, took a break for lunch, played some games, then finished off the shopping building before heading home!

Chris is a ruthless carny game player it turns out. He would walk up to a booth, point at a prize and say "What do I have to do to win that one?" and commence to winning whatever it was he had set out to bring home.

In the course of about an hour he managed to win us each a cute little giraffe, a stuffed elephant, a smurf, a teddy bear and a GIANT panda. I have never won one of the big prizes before so he gave it to me!! THANKS CHRIS :)



The back seat was a little cramped on the way home with all of our prizes and loot.

We ALMOST made it into the Superdog show, which would have been amazing I am sure, but the girl at the front stopped us and said we could not bring our drinks (which we had JUST bought) in with us so we stepped aside to finish them and she literally let 10 more people in and then said the show was full. We did not wait around another 3 hours for the next one. Again - maybe next year?

I only picked up a couple of things shopping (and now that I have tried them on with a mirror I wish I had grabbed more) but Nikita managed to pick up quite a few things including this gorgeous dress for a friends wedding in October - she hates dresses but it looks so great on her!!!

There were some very interesting displays there - like the Remember When pavilion - which depicted the military history of the CNE grounds from the war of 1812 to WWII.

The coolest thing there though, in my opinion, were the crazy sand sculptures. They were insane! So well done. I only wish I could ever have that talent but I would never have the patience to work with sand anyway!!


We would have loved to go and see the horses and it would have been cool to check out "The Farm" too but by the time we finally finished the shopping building we were all super tired and just wanted to go home and sleep.

I was still itching for some dessert however, so I just threw together one of our staples when we got back to the farm - Sugar Cookies - always a popular choice :)

One more thing, on a completely different note that I wanted to show you. This week my afternoon chores at the farm included scrubbing the shower stalls in the big barn. It took me about 8 1/2 hours of scrubbing and these are my before and after photos.

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