Wednesday, June 19, 2013

DIY: Bleach stencil

I was planning on showing you a more complex, untrademarked example of this technique but when I sprayed the shirt, the colour did not bleach out and you can really only use these stencils once!
Note to self: Colour test beforehand.
I did not want to cut that stencil out again, so here is a more simplified example:
You will need:

Garbage bag
Printer paper
Cutting board
Exacto knife
Spray bottle of bleach solution (I used 50/50 bleach and water)
Ironing board
T-shirt or other fabric you wish to stencil onto
Paper towel to dab away excess bleach.
  1. Print or draw your design on printer paper
  2. Flatten garbage bag on ironing board and place paper on top.
  3. Cut garbage bag around the edges of the paper to ensure you do not iron the bag directly.
  4. Iron directly on the paper with continual movement until paper is ironed to board, peel off.
  5. Cut out stencil.
  6. Iron stencil onto shirt.
  7. Insert cardboard into shirt so that the bleach does not seep through the fabric and bleach the back of the shirt.
  8. Spray with bleach solution, dabbing off with paper towel to keep lines crisp.
  9. Allow to dry a few minutes.
  10. Peel off stencil.
  11. Voila!  

This is what the back of the stencil should look like once the plastic is
melted on. If you have white spaces just add extra plastic to those areas.

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